Measure, display, share !

Thanks to Rium, you can measure and identify any type of radiation !
It’s a portable device connected to a mobile application. Risk levels, protection tips and the nature of radioactivity are detailed very simply and in real time.
RIUM is also geolocated and connected thus allowing to create a radioactivity world map.
The RIUM users will be able to create a independent and citizen-built measure network.

Technology and use cases

RIUM is different from current radiation sensors like Geiger counters. Indeed, these sensors only measure a level of radioactivity. In addition to its high sensitivity, RIUM is able to provide you information about radioctivity origins.

Is it natural or not? Is it a Uranium source ? If you are a mineral enthusiast, a geek or a curious person : RIUM enables to answer these kind of questions with a small device at reduced cost.

This process is now possible thanks to our patents based on Scintillation Spectrometry technology.

RIUM is accessible to everyone regardless your scientific background.