Minimize exposure and enhance safety





A powerful and connected sensor

Compact and waterproof, Rium provides 3 important information for radiological monitoring : Counting, Dosimetry, Spectrometry. Thanks to BLE and Micro USB connection, Rium can fit any type of network infrastructure (wired or wireless).

A real time monitoring platform

Easy to use and intuitive, Rium web application (available in SaaS or in local mode) represents a true decision-making tool. All data collected on field are uploaded, displayed and tracked. Geolocation and mapping allow to have a clear vision of your stationery or mobile sensor network. Alerts are generated automatically and data export very easy.

Among the potential applications : control of ambient dosimetry, decay measurement (waste storage…), airborne detection (UAV…), onboard detection (van, truck…), detection of leaks/failures, internal security…